3 E Serviços Médicos was founded in September 1995 to serve patients in the areas of General Pratice , Adult  and Pediatric Endocrinology, Sports Medicine and Education. Today he attends several Medical Agreements and private consultations, usually in person.

With the advent of the Covid Pandemic 19, we also started to use the videoconferencing system to allow patient care in isolation with adequate guidance for patients at high risk of complications from the disease.

The company's founder is Dr José Francisco de Camargo Carmello, who has the titles of specialist General Practice, Adult Endocrinology and Metabology and Pediatrics, and Intensive Care Medicine duly registered with the Regional Medical Council of São Paulo under number 30738.

He also attended Latu sensu postgraduate courses at the Federal University of São Paulo, specializing in Sports Medicine and Sports Training

 Your complete curriculum can be evaluated in http://buscatextual.cnpq.br/buscatextual/visualizacv.do?id=K4789412D8&tokenCaptchar=03AGdBq25mSfgEqgxE00Bgbl_3utmV3dxStQtvkyQ8o1oOKaPTh4OX8JE-errKyVePpYn1TVhKE5fE6P-vk2qLu6PfI3kPkoGldRZb-tVm3RdwujdWfsl9kHEqUEaejj6vmXesaFg64m1xJGJMHuND1VpIG-463RnrcieAz8PLmjiDjJu6N4Binqe6u3RQrlltm_p-qzPvxafz2Dy1WfF3kpbsDTYRQJy_M_fBmiz569RUWPXwYgy8O1LrZbBFVxccTiNssd41TtogHQy34lWUoxdaW33eXnjJfwCV0cUa_UnwOvnjaCSiVVRGYs7zEx3Jf6MHzzdN8hrVgm0glFxr0KyCiIVve8rpiAOAgaRQzedHegy0vTznx-V1C4-oo8_-tYFdvReegWa3yC9I3vrFDXGYHEoOzgHFZYNpP68ZjuA0q08rz8P6vtwsxAIldUXxfHjZZGaR5kAZExL-6axwkXcCQs5XHx-nPg